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Your Trustee

Trustees exist to oversee pension schemes, and have specific legal responsibilities. As the MMT is a Master Trust arrangement, there are no employer or member nominated trustees. All trustees are independent and non-affiliated and come from a professional background. Mercer as founder is responsible for the appointment of Trustees and this is set out in the Trust Deed and Rules.

The main duties of the Trustee are:

The Trustee Board, including the Chair is fully Non Affiliated and comprises of the following members:

Name Represented by Appointed
BesTrustee Limited (Chair) Alan Pickering acting as Chair, Zahir Fazal and Catherine Redmond March 2014
Capital Cranfield Pension Trustees Limited Giles Payne July 2018
John Stannard - July 2015

The Trustees are appointed on a three year rolling basis, with their contracts reviewed annually, and conflicts of interest (including potential affiliations) are reviewed at least at every Trustee (and sub-committee) meeting, with any declarations being made in between said meetings if this is necessary.

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