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Staying on track

Like with most savings, the more you put in, the more you are likely to get out. Especially with the contributions that IMI puts in too

Contribution options

You can choose how much you want to pay from 5% of your Pensionable Pay and IMI will match your contributions up to 6%.

I want to pay I pay IMI will add IMI pays Total in my account Total
5% 5% 10%
6+% 6% 12+%

Maximum match

By paying 6% into your RSP account, you get the most out of IMI's contributions, as they match your payments.

Changing your contributions

It is easy to change how much you pay into your RSP account. Just get in touch with your local Pensions Contact and let them know what you would like to do.

The change will take effect from the date of the next payroll and increases to IMI’s matching contributions will happen at the same time.

If you decide to contribute at a lower rate, IMI’s matching contributions will go down from the date of the next payroll.

Find your Pensions contact

Make a difference to your future

Use the contributions calculator to see the difference that increasing your contributions by 1%, 2% or 3% of your annual salary, or changing your retirement age, could make to your retirement income.

Contributions calculator

Contributions cost less after tax and National Insurance savings

Remember that with tax relief and Smart Pay, contributions cost you less than the amount going into your account.

If you earn £24,000 a year, a 1% increase in your contributions would cost you roughly the same as buying a takeaway coffee every week.

See How much does it cost? for a reminder of how tax relief and Smart Pay save you money.

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