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Starting out

You can join straight away or wait to be automatically enrolled

New joiners - Welcome to IMI

It might seem a long way into the future, but by thinking about your pension now, you’ll have longer to benefit from IMI’s contributions and investment returns.

How to join

When you joined IMI, you will have received a booklet about the pension scheme, along with a Joining form. For a quick summary of this booklet, you can watch the video below.

You have two options

You can wait until you’re auto-enrolled into the plan three months after joining IMI, or you can complete a Joining form to start receiving this benefit straight away.

Joining the plan straight away means that you’ll start building up your retirement savings sooner. If you pay five or six percent of your salary every month, IMI will match this, which means that it pays to join now!

Join right away
Take advantage of the extra contributions
Auto-enroll after 3 months
Three simple decisions
There is a default option if you're not sure.

All you need to know

How the plan works

Before you start paying towards your pension each month, you want to know how it could benefit you.

How the plan works


You do not pay tax on your contributions so you may be able to afford more than you think.

How much it costs

Transferring in

You may find it easier to manage all your pensions in one scheme, find out how.

Transferring in

Planning tools

Use our interactive tools to set a retirement target, see if you're on track, and much more!

Planning tools


Find out when you can retire, and what your options are.

More on retirement

When life changes

You never know what is around the corner, so here is what to do when life changes

More on life events
Join now

Any questions?

If you're unsure about anything to do with your pension, please get in touch.

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