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Starting out

Before you start paying towards your pension each month, you want to know how it could benefit you

The Mercer Master Trust (MMT) is a defined contribution scheme. This is a pension scheme where you and your employer pay into an individual account, which is then invested.

In the MMT, this means that:

You and IMI pay into your account

You pay 5% of your salary or more, and IMI gives you a boost by matching what you choose to pay up to 6%.

Use the on track calculator to see the difference paying more could make to the size of your account.

Your account is invested

You choose how to invest the money with the aim of growing your account over the long term. There is a default investment option if you do not want to choose your own investments, or you can choose your own investments if you are comfortable doing so.

Find out more on the Investment options page.


You can choose what you do with your savings when you retire. This could mean taking it as cash, buying an annuity, or taking it through drawdown.

You can read more about this in Retirement options.

Transfer money in

You can also transfer money into your MMT account if you have built up savings in another registered pension scheme.

Transfers in

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