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You can choose when to retire and having an idea of when you want to retire will help you to plan

Your Normal Retirement Age (NRA) as a member of the MMT is 65, but you can take your retirement savings any time between age 55 and 75.

Of course, the earlier you start to take your retirement savings, the less time you will have had for your account to grow from contributions and investment returns.

You can use the contributions calculator to see the effect that retiring earlier or later can have on the size of your MMT account.

Use the contributions calculator

Flexible retirement

If the Trustee and IMI agree, you can start to take your retirement savings while you are still working for IMI. This is known as flexible retirement and it could be useful if you would like to reduce your working hours. If you take flexible retirement, contributions to your MMT account will stop.

Will you have enough?

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