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Planning tools

How much does it cost?

Even if you know you should be saving more, it is difficult to know how it might affect your purse strings. Use the cost calculator to see how much paying more might cost you.

Use the cost calculator

Small Change, Big Savings

Use our Small Change, Big Savings calculator to see how much you could add to your retirement savings by spending less.

Use the small change tool

Set your target

Use our target setting tool to build up a picture of your retirement, which will then give you a target income.

Use the target setting tool

Are you on track?

Once you have set a target, you can use the on track calculator to see whether you will reach it based on your current contributions.

Use the on track calculator

Contributions calculator

Use the contributions calculator to see how much it might cost you to pay a little bit more towards your future. A small change today could make a big difference to your retirement.

Use the contributions calculator

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